Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Thankful for Fried Turkey

I know Thanksgiving is over and this is a little late but there is always time to be Thankful!

- I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who always supports me and loves me even during my moments when I'm un-loveable (I don't think that's a word so I'm thankful I have the freedom to make up my own words).
- I'm thankful for my fantastic family who always make me laugh when we are together. I don't think there has ever been a time that we have been together and not laughed.
- I'm thankful to have a job that allows me to support John and I while he finishes school, which leads me to being thankful for John graduating in less than a month!
- I'm thankful for my friends that have encouraged me and been there for me in times of need.
- And most of all I'm thankful that God has Blessed me with these people and the opportunities to love and be loved.

But this Thanksgiving I have a new item to add to my "Thankful List:"

I'm Thankful for Fried Turkey...

This year for Thanksgiving my family decided to fry, not one but TWO turkeys! We've never even fried a turkey before so why not just go ahead and fry up two. Or as we saw it... a back-up in case the first one blew up or something...

Surprisingly, the turkeys turned out pretty tasty. Two was probably a little over kill but so were the 6 dishes of sides and 4 different desserts to feed an army of....oh, you know, 12 people.

(Of course, John and I started getting our turkey ready and making our side dishes at midnight on Thanksgiving day...procrastination at its finest!)

Here's how it turned out... 

Note the precious turkey just chillin on the driveway while the grease gets hot. The only thought that keeps coming to mind is, "You know you're a redneck when..."

      To the right of John is a basketball goal. We were hoping the first turkey would shoot out of the fryer and go through the hoop...that didn't work out!

Turkey #1 and Turkey #2 - Do not be alarmed, Turkey #2 did not have to surrender it's wings and legs to the pot of hot grease. It came without any which is why it looks a little strange, and you can see why it was the back up turkey. A wingless/legless turkey with metal rods coming out of its ends is not exactly the picturesque Thanksgiving Turkey I have always envisioned but it sure was some good eatin! ~ Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Cousin Picture

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Life of an Artist

Today I went to the sink to clean some dishes left in there (imagine that) and there was a mixing bowl, left over from the pie I made yesterday, sitting right next to a bowl with a paint brush from when I was painting yesterday. Oh the life of an artist... Just hope I don't mix up the two. Surely acrylic paint isn't that dangerous if swallowed, right?

October Catch Up

So since I've only had this blog for a month and am already behind on my blog posts, that's not a good sign. Here's a catch up of the last two weeks that hopefully I will only have to do once....doubt it. Blogging regularly is probably not a great idea for someone who lives their life in the procrastination lane...

We have had an eventful last couple of weeks. At the end of October, John had knee surgery. That was a fun day for me hanging out at the hospital where I couldn't get Pinterest to work on either my phone or John's, let's just say it was a loooong day of sitting. It was a nightmare, so many hours of pinning wasted!
John ready for surgery.
So then John's family came down that weekend to visit and we took my sweet niece, Sophie, to the zoo.

This monkey pictured above was having issues. The first picture of him is when he realized John's brother, Burt, had a giant pretzel so he came up to the glass and pressed his whole body against the glass. He then sat down and would smash his face against the glass. Sometimes his teeth would show. Of course all the other monkeys were looking at him like "Somebody needs to go get him, he's embarrassing us!" It was hilarious. Best trip to the zoo EVER!! Leave it to the Abilene Zoo to have "special" monkeys.

Then, last week we fostered a lost dachshund that some friends of ours found.  He was so precious but we just couldn't keep him. That would mean we would have 3 dogs. Just having 3 dogs for a week made me feel like an animal hoarder. I just couldn't take him to a shelter though because I have a sweet spot for dachshunds. It was a lot to handle but we finally found a sweet family for "Kudrow" That's what John started calling him because we didn't want to name him so we wouldn't get attached.  I think they ended up naming him Toby. So cute! I did get a little sad when he left, if we had kept him any longer I may have not given him up.

Excuse the pink and white polka dot collar. This dog is a male. He was having identity issues.

That was a lot of randomness but now I feel I can get back to procrastinating. So stayed tuned for November's events in December.