Monday, September 17, 2012

"You better Redneckognize"

This weekend I got to bring out my inner-redneck by going with John to Childress, Texas out to the farm that my family owns. It's also where I experienced my first Deer Hunt which you can read about here if you missed it! John wanted to get it ready for the coming Deer season by checking on the blind and refilling the deer feeder (as if we don't feed enough animals already!) We also wanted to practice shooting our guns and make sure they were "sited in". (yeah that's right I'm learnin' the lingo)

We met my cousin Michael out there and he brought his 4-wheelers which we are grateful for because we couldn't drive the truck anywhere since it was so muddy.  The lovely Sage got to come as well and get her much needed exercise in by chasing us on the 4-wheelers. She loved it until she started getting tired and would try to guess which way we were going so she could take a short cut.

After we arrived and got the 4-wheelers unloaded and drove around looking at the farm we John and Michael decided they wanted to walk around and find pigs to shoot. Awesome. Since my gun doesn't have a strap I didn't carry it so I was unarmed as we were walking around the tall grass looking for wild hogs. I didn't even have a knife, just my binoculars and my camera. So I could survive by seeing it coming and then taking it's picture. Not very good odds if you ask me. I would say I felt safe since I was with John and Michael who had guns but they apparently walk way faster than I do through tall grass so I kept getting left. I was just waiting to a pig to jump out and attack me. There was this one moment where I was literally stuck in the tall weeds as hog food. The weeds had tangled around me so I couldn't get through and I was asking for help and the boys just kept staring at me. Such great protectors. Then we got kind of turned around and had to hike through more tall grass and jump across a mud ditch at the same time. It was an adventure. Thankfully we didn't see any least I'm thankful!

Then we did a little target practice. I'm getting so much better at shooting my gun. I was so excited cause I hit a glass bottle that they put in the tree for me. I think it was about 100 yards away. It only took me like 8 tries but I finally got it. Hopefully a deer won't run away after my first 7 attempts...I wish. :)

Ok so the blind. Some kind of massacre happened in that blind over the past several months. When we opened it, first of all it stunk so bad. We know there was a rat living in there because there was a rats nest and lots of rat droppings which is disgusting but what grossed me out the most was that there were miniature blood splatters all over the carpet. At first we thought maybe a momma rat had babies in there but I don't think so, it looked like a little miniature Texas Chainsaw massacre happened in there. Michael and I decided that there was a "fight to the death" battle in there but there is no way those rats did not have swords too. It was disgusting so we will have to go back and clean it out cause I am not sitting in that for hours at a time. No thank you.

I had fun and I'm so ready for deer season now. I'm becoming quite the outdoors-woman.

Sage protecting me during one of the time the boys left me.

The location of the mini Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It doesn't get better than a Texas sunset. 

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