Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Essentials for Ireland

For those of you who don't know, I'm going to Ireland 2 weeks from tomorrow. Kind of random, I know but I'm going with my mom, my aunt Jan, and my cousin Katie for a girls trip! We will be there for a whole week! This little trip is going to be very interesting and I'm sure will produce many stories - thanks to my mom and aunt's inability to be serious and not think everything is so hilarious. We will have a rental car to use all week, only one problem...it's not only a standard, but a standard on the wrong side of the road. Pray for our safety and that we won't be permanently banned from Ireland!

I'm getting so excited though and was super excited today when my Ireland Essentials came in the mail today!!

Ireland Essentials include:

Digital Camera - check!
Moleskin Watercolor Sketchbook - check!

Who needs all that other stuff, I'm set! :)

I just love getting these boxes in the mail!

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  1. AH! You are going to have somuchfun in Ireland... seriously. I can't wait to see your photos because I imagine they are immensely better than my were 6 years ago. Have fun and take light sweaters you can tote in your purse - it can get chilly over there!