Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fire Alarm, Shrimp Boil and a Hail Storm

This weekend we went to Austin to spend time with John's family for Memorial Day Weekend. We left Friday morning so we could drop the dogs off with my parents and do some Landlord business like fixing the internet. We arrived in Austin on Friday evening and got to spend some time with our niece and nephew and John's mom.


We usually stay with John's family when we go down there but this time everyone's schedules were crazy so we stayed in a hotel. We finally found one that wasn't booked, since it was Memorial Day Weekend, that was hosting 4 different high school bands. There were kids everywhere but we needed a place to stay. Our room was down at the end of a hall so it wasn't so bad...until at 3 a.m. the fire alarm is going off.  It's pretty sad when your first reaction isn't to evacuate the building immediately, but rather check the hall to see if everyone else is evacuating. Here's how our reaction went...

(alarm sounds)
John: What is that?! Turn the alarm off!
Me: (pushing snooze button multiple times to make it stop!-clearly not working)
Me: Is that a real fire alarm? Or is it a drill? (Yes Brooke it's a drill at 3 a.m)
Me: (gets up and checks the hallway to make sure people are leaving building)

So we finally get some common sense and evacuate the building with all the other hotel residences. My first thought was "One of these darn kids went out the emergency exit or something" But it turns out the elevator was actually smoking. Needless to say we took the stairs from then on. So at 3 a.m. we were sitting on the curb waiting for a firetruck to come and let us know when it was safe to enter the building. Have you ever had to evacuate a hotel in the middle of the night? It was definitely a first for both John and I.


On Saturday we spent the day and John's grandparent's house. John and my nieces Bella and Sophie and our nephew, Noah all went swimming in their pool. We all hung out by the pool and John's grandparents prepared a Shrimp boil with huge shrimp, potatoes, corn and carrots. It was delicious!! I forgot to get a picture of the shrimp but here are some pics from Saturday.

Our nephew Noah


Noah and John's Mom's dog, Ralphie

John's grandmother made this awesome fruit basket

John's Mom and our niece Sophie

Our niece Bella being a mermaid

Bella, Noah and Sophie

Sophie feeding me chips

On Monday we headed back to Abilene and grilled out with my family. After dinner is started storming and the power went out so we waited to head home to Colorado City. The storm finally died in Abilene so we headed home. But when we reached Sweetwater it started pouring and hailing on us. I was driving my car and John was following me in his truck because we had to bring it to get Sage home. Anyways, I was already sleepy cause it was 10 p.m. when we headed home and then I couldn't see the road while I was driving so I was really terrified. It was scary. Apparently Colorado City had some golf ball size hail while we were in Abilene. Crazy.

On a side note: This weekend Jade hurt her back again and her back legs currently do not work at all. I'll keep you updated on her status. Hopefully we can get the swelling down so she can use her legs again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I'm thankful for all the men and women who have served our country and are serving our country everyday. Our prayers are with those who are are still overseas.

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